mechanic’s lienFor centuries, contractors have relied upon the mechanic’s lien as a way to secure sums due on construction projects.  A mechanic’s lien is a statutory device that can encumber the real property upon which construction was performed in order to satisfy the claims of an unpaid contractor.  Although these liens have been in place in every state for many years, they are a creature of statute, so claimants must strictly comply with the terms of said statutes in order to recover on a mechanic’s lien.   Therefore, it is important to rely on upon the experienced construction law firm of Manion Stigger LLP to record and prosecute your lien claim.  Our attorneys have litigated lien claims in multiple states and can aggressively pursue collection on your behalf.


Unpaid contractors can also seek recovery by making a claim against a payment bond.  A payment bond is issued by a surety on behalf of a principal, usually the prime contractor, in favor of the owner of the project.  A payment bond insures that all of the subcontractors and suppliers to the project will be paid by the prime contractor.  However, much like mechanic’s liens, payment bonds have specific requirements for recovery which must be closely followed.  Manion Stigger LLP’s experienced attorneys can assist you in litigating or defending a payment bond claim, or interpreting the contract provisions which require the procurement of such a bond.


Another surety mechanism available on construction projects is the performance bond.  The performance bond is similar to a payment bond in that it involves the same participants (surety, prime contractor, owner), but instead of insuring payment to lower tier contractors, the performance bond insures that the prime contract will be completed.  Again, the performance bond has a precise procedure for claims, thus making it a necessity to retain a construction law firm that is well-versed in these proceedings.


Manion Stigger LLP has represented a variety of construction professionals on all sides of these claims.

Whether you are looking to:

  • defend a claim for unpaid project balances
  • prosecute a claim for unpaid project balances
  • enforce performance or
  • cease performance,

the knowledgeable attorneys at Manion Stigger LLP can vigorously represent your interests.


At Manion Stigger LLP, our foundation is construction law. We pride ourselves on focusing on all practice areas that directly impact our clients’ needs. In doing so, we can effectively represent our clients – no matter what issues or problems may arise. Our team of professionals carefully examines an issue from all perspectives, ensuring that nothing is overlooked, and that any potential issues are identified and resolved before they need to be litigated. We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions that do not sacrifice advice or legal expertise.


To learn more about how Manion Stigger LLP can help you with a mechanic’s lien, surety bond, or statutory payment claim, contact us today. With offices in both Louisville, KY and Evansville, IN, we can better serve a geographically diverse area.