prime contractA construction contract is the law of the project.  Contracts allocate risks, rights and responsibilities.  A “good” contract utilizes clear thinking to create clear writing and then forecasts and fairly allocates the risks involved on the subject project.  Recognizing the defects in a contract requires a thorough understanding of project risks, project roles, and the current law.

At Manion Stigger LLP, our attorneys appreciate that a prime contract is going to have a ripple effect on any subcontracts it may spawn and thereby can impact the entire construction project.  As a construction law firm, we have drafted, negotiated, and reviewed countless prime contracts in order to avoid our clients’ exposure to unnecessary risk. We can provide the advice and guidance needed to see not only the risks that exist in the contract as drafted, but any risks that may arise from changes. This way, your company may avoid costly delays and expensive litigation.

prime contractManion Stigger LLP also has extensive experience with subcontracts.  We have drafted manuscript agreements, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and more to suit projects of all shapes, sizes and delivery methods. We have reviewed and dissected subcontracts originating from every corner of our nation. With our exhaustive experience, you can be sure any subcontract will protect your interests and help mitigate any risks that may be posed by subcontracting important work.

At Manion Stigger LLP, our foundation is construction law. We pride ourselves on focusing on all practice areas that directly impact our clients’ needs. In doing so, we can effectively represent our clients – no matter what issues or problems may arise. Our team of professionals carefully examines an issue from all perspectives, ensuring that nothing is overlooked, and that any potential issues are identified and resolved before they need to be litigated. We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions that do not sacrifice advice or legal expertise.

To learn more about how Manion Stigger LLP can assist you with the drafting, interpretation, and negotiation of both prime contracts and subcontracts, contact us today. With offices in both Louisville, KY and Evansville, IN, we can better serve a geographically diverse area. For an in-depth consultation regarding your prime contract, contact us today.