Build AgreementsDesign-Build (“D-B”) and Engineering, Procurement, Construction (“EPC”) Agreements are becoming widely used on a variety of construction projects.  Under both agreements, one entity is responsible for both the design and the construction of the project, as opposed to the traditional method of project delivery wherein an owner contracts with an engineer or architect to design the project, and a contractor to build the project.  While these agreements can streamline the owner’s redress and speed the construction progress, they also greatly increase the risk to the builder by significantly increasing his responsibilities.

Like all construction contracts, it is vital to fully comprehend the risks and responsibilities that you are agreeing to, particularly under these forms of project delivery where the builder’s scope of work is so much more extensive, and the owner’s control over the final product is so limited.  The construction attorneys at Manion Stigger LLP can assist you with the drafting, negotiating, and review of D-B and EPC agreements to insure that such agreements are structured in a manner to maximize your benefit and minimize your risk.  With these changing project methods come changing roles.  You need attorneys who understand your strengths and can work with you to achieve your best work.

Build AgreementsAt Manion Stigger LLP, our foundation is construction law. We pride ourselves on focusing on all practice areas that directly impact our clients’ needs. In doing so, we can effectively represent our clients – no matter what issues or problems may arise. Our team of professionals carefully examines an issue from all perspectives, ensuring that nothing is overlooked, and that any potential issues are identified and resolved before they need to be litigated. We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions that do not sacrifice advice or legal expertise.

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