Construction managementConstruction managers are quickly becoming a popular fixture on various construction projects in an attempt to have a singular entity in total control of the numerous moving parts present on a project site.  With so many diverse responsibilities, which change from project to project, it is important for construction managers and project owners to clearly define the scope of the CM’s duties prior to ground breaking.  A written construction management agreement can help insure that the day-to-day operations of the project will run smoothly, and that unnecessary disputes and delays are avoided.

Much like the individual CMs themselves, construction management agreements are not one size fits all.  “Form” CM agreements available online are rife with potential pitfalls because they do not recognize the unique and ever-changing function that a CM serves on each of his/her different projects.  Unfortunately, these pitfalls do not become problematic until after the agreement has been signed, at which time it is extremely difficult to modify a CM’s liabilities  on a project.   By having a construction law firm,such as Manion Stigger LLP, draft an agreement based on your individual needs, problems can be identified and avoided before an agreement is signed by either party, thereby limiting a CM’s potential legal liability.

construction managementMoreover, the construction law firm of Manion Stigger LLP can make sure that your construction management agreement includes all the necessary terms of engagement, such as the responsibilities of both the manager and the owner; a schedule; a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) proposal; how changes to the agreement are governed; and, how often the construction manager is to be paid.  Our firm can uniquely tailor the agreement to fit your needs and reflect your best interests, thereby encouraging our mutual goal of completing the project on time and under budget.

Manion Stigger LLP is a construction law firm. We practice exclusively in areas that impact construction professionals.  This centralized focus allows us to effectively advocate for our clients at every stage of their business, whether the issue involves pre-construction contract drafting or litigation that follows close-out.  We pride ourselves on this particular brand of legal expertise, wherein practical construction experience combines with relentless advocacy in order to provide our clients with cost-effective, modern solutions.

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