contract negotiationsConstruction projects are fraught with known and unknown obstacles and risks: differing site conditions, incomplete or ambiguous drawings and specifications, delays, environmental conditions, permitting issues, zoning issues, and the list goes on. The construction contract is the document that determines which party must bear the costs and time delays associated with those risks and obstacles.  A strong contract that clearly lays out each party’s responsibilities with respect to such risks is intregal to a successful construction project. Ambiguous and open-ended contracts are likely to lead to expensive litigation and even more expensive construction delays. In order to help avoid these unnecessary expenses, it is wise to consult a contract negotiations law firm with experience handling complex contract negotiations.

Having a strong advocate for your interests during contract negotiations can help parties avoid risks altogether, or minimize and mitigate those risks. The attorneys at Manion Stigger LLP bring our construction knowledge and experience to provide creative contracting solutions to manage our clients’ risks.  If the other party wishes to play hardball, or suddenly wants to change the terms of an agreement when it is time to put that agreement in writing, we will aggressively fight for your interests.

Contract NegotiationIf you have already reached a preliminary agreement and need to draft a contract that accurately reflects this understanding, contact Manion Stigger LLP. We will make sure that the contract is straightforward, easy to understand, and free of ambiguities that can plague a construction project.  This way, before breaking ground or incurring any costs, you can be sure that the agreement will be rock solid. The best litigation strategy is to prevent a dispute in the first place, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


Document Preparations for Contract Negotiations

If you have a document in hand that is ready to be signed, it is best to have an experienced contract negotiations law firm review it before signing. We will make sure that the document is fair to you and does not contain any hidden pitfalls or other problems. Taking just a few extra days to have a document reviewed can save significant time and money in preventing future disputes. The attorneys at Manion Stigger LLP will make certain that any agreement you sign will minimize risk.

To learn more about how Manion Stigger LLP can help you draft or review a construction agreement, contact us today. With offices in both Louisville, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana, and a national practice of construction law, we serve a geographically diverse area. For an in-depth consultation regarding your contract negotiations, contact us today.