A recent report outlined the changes that are on the horizon for the construction industry and provided an incredibly interesting glimpse at the future. According to the World Economic Forum, massive changes are expected in the construction industry by 2020, especially as it pertains to workers. According to their estimates, robots and artificial intelligence will replace 500,000 workers. Across all industries, robots are expected to replace more than 5 million workers.

While this sounds like terrible news for construction workers, there is a silver lining – the technology is expected to create about 339,000 new jobs related to machinery, architecture, and engineering. So this is less about workers finding themselves out of a job rather than workers needing to learn a new skill set to adjust to an adapting workplace.

It is important that contractors and other construction professionals be prepared for the changes that automation will bring to construction sites. It is almost certain that these robots will improve efficiency and help reduce costs but they will also bring new challenges to even the most experienced contractor. Therefore it is best that professionals begin preparing now by attending seminars, reading trade publications, and staying prepared for the future. The worst thing that can happen is a professional getting caught off-guard by these changes.

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