In signs that the economy is on firmer footing, the construction sector added 45,000 jobs in December. This is the third month in a row that this sector has added jobs and marks the highest total number of workers since January, 2009, when the market bottomed out. As a construction law firm, it is good to see private and government projects picking up and construction work gaining momentum.

Compared to a year ago, the total number of construction workers is up by 263,000. This number expected to grow and all signs point to a healthy 2016 for the construction industry. A recent survey indicated that firms will be adding to their headcount in 2016. In fact, the biggest concern for employers heading into this year is a lack of qualified workers. This portends higher wages for workers and a much more stable market.

This is a positive development because construction drives all facets of the economy. As construction projects increase, the tax base grows, which, in turn, helps fund public projects. Construction provides a solid foundation for the economy and it is great to see the number of public and private projects continue to increase.

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