Tri-State Aero has completed a new 12,000 square foot hangar, bringing its total hangar space to more than 100,000 square feet. With the extra space, Tri-State hopes to improve on services offered at Evansville Regional Airport. Currently, the planes are stuffed together in a hangar. The additional space will help alleviate these problems as the airport continues to grow. This project will ultimately help Evansville grow and bring additional business to the area.

For the past two years, Tri-State has seen demand grow for use of its facilities. Space is needed for planes that have stopped to refuel and for businesspeople that have flown in and need to house their planes. Traffic at the airport is up 12% from the previous year. This steady growth is a good sign for the airport and for the region in general.

The increase in air traffic is generally attributed to two things. First, now that the Great Recession has (mostly) ended, air traffic has returned to normal levels. Second, new projects in Downtown Evansville are bringing in new business. Specifically, the medical center project and convention hotel have driven growth in the area. This has led to an increase in enplanements at the airport, with most travelling to Charlotte and to Chicago.

To deal with this increase, the airport plans to add a fifth jetbridge. By accommodating more passengers, the airport hopes to continue on its upward trajectory.

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