OSHA recently released their fatality report for 2014 and found that more than 4,600 people were killed on the job. This is more than 12 people per day. While this number is high, it actually is an improvement over previous years. For instance, before OSHA was created 43 years ago, there were an estimated 14,000 people killed on the job. As OSHA violation attorneys, we know just how important these regulations are for the safety of a worksite.

The most common fatality injuries on job sites are from falls. This has been the case for the previous few years, and it shows no signs of abetting. The issue is that even falls from seemingly short distances can lead to serious injury. Everyone knows to use safety equipment when working several stories in the air. But many people cut corners when climbing a ladder or working only a few feet off the ground. Unfortunately, these seemingly short falls can lead to a fatality if a person falls just right. These injuries account for about 17% of total injuries overall (including traffic injuries). The second most common injuries are caused by contact with equipment, specifically being struck by equipment. These injuries make up about 15% of workplace injuries, especially on construction sites.

The most dangerous job by fatality was logger. They suffered fatalities at a rate of 109 people per 100,000 workers. Fishers and fishing-related fields were the next highest with 80 workers per 100,000 workers. Construction workers were in the top 10 with about 18 workers killed per 100,000 workers.

Job safety is extremely important for all construction sites. Injuries and fatalities are something that no contractor wants. To ensure that your site is as safe as possible, contact an OSHA violations attorney to review your safety protocol and make sure you are meeting government standards. This way, you can keep your workers safe while preventing injuries that can ultimately cost time and money.

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