In a perfect world, a written contract delineates each party’s rights and duties, thereby eliminating the possibility for a misunderstanding.  We do not, however, live in a perfect world.  Construction contracts in particular are all too often the subject of controversy.  The majority of claims on construction projects stem from scope of work issues, i.e. determing the extent of a contractor’s responsibility to perform certain contract work.  The scope of work is determined by the contractual documents which can include the plans and specifications, contracts with other parties, building codes, industry standards, and proposals, among other things.  With this variety of sources, it can be difficult to determine which document controls and therefore what was the agreed upon work.  An experienced construction attorney can draft an agreement which clearly and in no uncertain terms lays out the responsibilities of all parties involved and thereby avoid this common construction dispute.  An experienced law firm knows where disputes commonly arise and works diligently to prevent complications in a project.

At Manion Stigger, we do everything possible to avoid contract disputes. It is substantially more cost-effective for our clients to ensure that agreements are clear from the outset so that projects can avoid costly delays. If disputes do arise, however, we aggressively advocate for our clients. We have the experience and tenacity to see a case through to a successful resolution. To learn more about how we can help with your project and contract drafting, contact Manion Stigger today for an in-depth consultation.