As construction attorneys, we relish the opportunity to vigorously defend our clients in the courtroom.  As risk management lawyers, however, we work very hard to make sure clients can avoid litigation.  A key component of our risk management practice is to educate our clients about the intricacies of construction law in such a manner that the material is accessible and easily put into place on a variety of construction projects.  Most contractors know their area, but could be completely unfamiliar with the minutiae and complexity of contracts, zoning boards, risk management, OSHA regulations, and other potential construction risks. At Manion Stigger, we take the time to educate our clients on how best to navigate these matters so the client can be in control of their project while still getting expert guidance.

Moreover, our attorneys have real world experience on construction projects, which enables us to understand the technical aspects of our clients’ projects, while still providing information that is devoid of “legalese.”  Our construction law attorneys can answer your questions in a simple, easy to understand manner.  While the details of a construction project or dispute can be complicated, we take the time to fully explain how best to proceed, ultimately giving our clients the tools they need to make decisions in the best interest of their company. Instead of dictating to our clients, we partner with them to make sure they are being given the attention they deserve.

At Manion Stigger, our construction law and risk management attorneys work diligently to inform and educate our clients.  This thorough approach allows our clients to make the best decisions for their construction projects and insure the continued successes of their business.  To speak with a construction law attorney about your particular project or construction company, contact Manion Stigger right away.