Construction projects are extremely complicated endeavors. They often involve multiple contractors and suppliers, a variety of state and local building codes, as well as a rigorous schedule with which all parties must comply. With so much going into every project, it can be easy to overlook an important project component or have something fall through the cracks.  While some of these mistakes might be forgettable, others may create serious problems through the life of the project.  The experienced attorneys at Manion Stigger, LLP can help you organize your contract administration and prevent such slip-ups from occurring on your project.

Our risk management attorneys can review your existing procedures and advise you how to effectively manage your projects, from the bidding stage all the way through completion.  We can help you establish procedures to manage and evaluate performance indicators with all tiers of contractors and suppliers on your project.  Moreover, should an issue arise, our methods will help you resolve those issues before they derail your entire project.

From drafting and implementing a contract to fulfillment of the project, the construction attorneys at Manion Stigger, LLP work to make sure that all parties are fulfilling their obligations. We have significant experience in construction projects and can make sure that your project stays on track. If you need assistance assessing and improving your contract administration, contact an attorney at Manion Stigger today to discuss your particular needs.