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Our construction law attorneys know that a construction contract is so much more than a “license to invoice.” Contracts allocate risks, rights and responsibilities. The contract is the law of the project.  A well-planned contract is the product of forethought. Forward thinking analyzes the risks – not just of construction, but those unique to the project at hand. A successful contract allocates project risks to the party best able to bear those risks. Some overzealous project participants attempt to over-allocate risk to the detriment of the project. Recognizing a poor allocation of risk requires an understanding of project risk, participant capacity and current law.

As construction law attorneys, we maintain libraries of current industry documents and we have drafted manuscript agreements, contracts and subcontracts to suit projects of all shapes, sizes and all delivery methods. We have reviewed and dissected contracts and subcontracts originating from every corner of our nation.

Construction Law

Construction Law is an area of the law as unique and demanding as the industry it serves. The pages of our website tell our story of industry focus and commitment to results. Our construction law attorneys are proud to include in our website pictures provided to us by clients to demonstrate the quality of the companies that look to us for representation. If you would like to know more about us than what’s presented here, please do not hesitate to contact our construction law attorneys to learn how we can be of service to you.
Contract Negotiations & Document Prep

The construction contract is the document that determines which party must bear the costs and time delays associated with those risks and obstacles.

Contract Claims & Disputes

 If you end up in a dispute regarding that contract, unfortunately, the hard part could just be beginning.

Risk Management Programming

We relish the battles of litigation and arbitration, but we know that dispute prevention and positioning prior to formal dispute resolution is equally important. 

Contract Administration & Performance

Not all legal issues occur after construction is completed or during the signing of the contract.

Mechanic’s Lien, Surety Bond and Statutory Payment Claims

 A mechanic’s lien is a statutory device which can encumber the real property upon which construction was performed in order to satisfy the claims of an unpaid contractor.

OSHA, Safety Violations & Hearings

 Understanding what rights and remedies are available to you before, during, and after an inspection can make you better equipped to handle that stress.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Construction liability insurance gets complicated when multiple coverages overlap, potentially creating a dispute.

Bid Protests & Administrative Proceedings

Interpreting the requirements for government construction contracts is a complicated task.  But figuring out governmental bid protest is even more complex

Client Education

We offer training, instruction, and advice to our clients to apprise them of their rights and remedies under their contracts.

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